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Floral Scents

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Some kind words received from our customers


  • It was a great workshop. I learnt stuff I didn’t know about the products. The session brought out my creative side. A great thing to do with a friend or friends, mum, daughter or as a corporate night with work colleagues. Netty was very knowledgeable and very welcoming to her workshop. It was warm and smelt great. My melts smelt superb. A great selection of scents and colours. Looking forward to going again.


  • Love, love, loved this experience, great location and lovely workshop. Netty was very knowledgeable about the process and products and a thoroughly fab time was had by us all. I will definitely be doing this again.


  • I had such a great time at the workshop. Made some beautiful wax heart melts and these gorgeous flower hangers. It was so much fun choosing fragrances, colours and glitter too if you wanted! A truly personalised experience with great company and Janette's expert service. Thank you


  • I shared the best 2 hours surrounded by lovely scents and colours, we made scented heart melts and scented hanging decorations. Netty showed us exactly what to do and her knowledge of safe ingredients is amazing. It’s good to know there are no nasty chemicals in any of her products. We’ll definitely be back to make more It’s a perfect treat for friends, hen party, Mother’s Day, any day really.