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Wick'd Soy Candles

Fireside Wax Melt

Fireside Wax Melt

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A wax melt version of our Fireside candle is an absolute must-have for Autumn and the Christmas season. Fresh eucalyptus, crisp lemon leaf, and a subtle whisper of festive spices, all cradled by deep, rich woods, make this fragrance is the ultimate choice for candles and wax melts.

Refreshing Introduction: The fragrance unfurls with a burst of crisp Bergamot, invigorating green lemon leaf, and refreshing Eucalyptus. This aromatic prelude instantly soothes the senses, drawing you into a state of calm and ease.

Heartwarming Embrace: Journeying into the fragrance's heart, spices gently warm the soul as they entwine with soothing Lavender and floral Geranium. The result is a comforting, fragrant embrace reminiscent of the warmth emanating from a hearth on a brisk night.

Woody Resonance: Concluding the olfactory expedition is a robust woody base. Cedarwood effortlessly mingles with the woody bark of the Massoia tree, earthy undertones, and rich Amber. The experience is so vivid; you'll almost feel the heat from a crackling fire kissing your cheeks, evoking nostalgia for those cherished fireplace moments.

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