Recycle and Refill

Recycle and Refill

Removing Excess Wax and Labels

The time to stop burning a candle is when there is approximately ½ inch of wax left at the bottom of the jar.


How to remove the excess wax

The quickest method is to use a craft heat gun or hairdryer. Place the jar on a heatproof surface and carefully, from about 5 inches from the jar, use small circular motions pointing towards the areas where wax remains to soften it. Once soft but not fully melted, scoop out the wax into a disposal container. Use a kitchen paper towel to wipe out the jar and remove the wick and wash with warm soapy water.

The simplest method to clean and reuse candle jars is a water bath. Fill a large bowl with enough hot water to just past excess wax in your candle jar. Allow the jar to bathe in hot water for approximately 30 minutes. The heat from the water will soften the wax. This is especially the best method to use if your candle jar is fragile or made with thin glass.

Remove the jar from the water bath and place on a tea towel. As above, use a kitchen paper towel to wipe out the jar and remove the wick and wash with warm soapy water.

How to remove the label

The most popular ways to remove adhesive labels are:

  1. Soaking in warm soapy water
  2. By using Rubbing Alcohol on a clean cloth (Vodka is a good substitute for Rubbing Alcohol)
  3. An adhesive remover such as Goo Gone, or Sticky Stuff Remover


Safety Tips

Never use a microwave to remove candle wax from a container. Even if the container is microwave-safe, the candle wick is most likely kept in place by a metal tab. By placing in a microwave could result in an explosion and/or house fire.


Never pour wax into the drain. The wax will cool and solidify resulting in clogged pipes and a substantial plumbing bill.


Never overheat the candle jar or wax. Wax, fragrance, and essential oils have flashpoints which may become dangerous if overheated.

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