Recycle and Re-use

Other uses for candle jars

Done with your candle but don't want to throw the jar away?

You've removed the label and carefully cleaned out your candle jar, now what to do with it?

Spare Change

Use it to hold the spare change that you find lying around the house or when emptying the pockets on laundry day.

Desk organiser

Candle jars make perfect pots for holding pens/pencils or stationary supplies

Plant a Succulent or grow a plant from seed

Add some little stones to the bottom off the jar, add some soil, plant your succulent and water.  Easy.

Bathroom organiser

It's the perfect size for holding your cotton buds, cotton balls and make-up sponges etc.

Make-up Brush holder

Keep your make-up brushes tidy in one.

A sophisticated drinkware set

Our 30cl candle jar makes a perfect glass for Whiskey on Ice