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Wick'd Soy Candles

Cranberry Appletini

Cranberry Appletini

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Check out the whimsical delight of our Cranberry Appletini Natural Soy Candle – a fragrant journey that captures the essence of a festive cocktail, designed to bring that celebratory feeling of all things fun and cozy into your space. Crafted with care and creativity, this candle is your invitation to savor life's joyful moments.

Top Notes: A burst of vibrant Orange and zesty Mandarin tantalize your senses, setting the stage for the lively celebration to come.

Middle Notes: The heart of this fragrance is a delightful blend of succulent Plum and juicy Cranberry, creating a harmonious symphony of fruity exuberance.

Base Notes: As the candle burns, the scent evolves into a warm embrace of Raspberry and crisp Apple, invoking the sensation of clinking glasses and toasting to life's sweetest victories.

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